Nearly half of the entire property buyers utilize open houses as a means to assist them in searching for a home. When your property is presentable—meaning it’s spotless from the bottom to the top—located in high-traffic place, and priced correctly, you are good to go to have an open house segment. You can boost your chances of having a great offer during your open house if you’ll pay attention to detail when it comes to execution and preparation. You might even get an offer on the spot as well.

Interact with visitors

Whether you are selling your home without a real estate agent or you hired one to represent you, the interactions you have with visitors to your open house is just as important as the property itself. If you can, determine the things that they are looking for and let them know why your house is perfect for their needs and requirements. n

Prepare the open house’s premise

Apart from decluttering and cleaning your home and make it photogenic before you put it on sale, you must do a few special preparations for the open house itself.

Never utilize an air freshener since a lot of people are actually allergic to fake odors.

Provide snacks and refreshments or even a catered lunch if your budget permits.

Make sure to open all window coverings, blinds, and drapes. Switch on every overhead fixture and lamp as well.

Get rid of all vehicles from your driveway. Request your neighbors to give you a hand by not parking in front of your property.

Advertise the open house

Allow people to be aware that the party is on. Yes, your real estate agent will do most of the needed work, you can provide a boost to your open house by posting it on your social media accounts to give your followers or friends a heads up. Even though online advertising is the key, the old-fashioned method works as well such as an ad in a newsletter or community newspapers or even postings on the bulletin board on a coffee shop or popular store.

Get feedback

Request your buyers what they think about the home they just toured and observed and whether they would think about actually buying it. A lot of people will be noncommittal, however, they may consider to sit at the corner of their house and write an offer to you sooner or later. This usually happens more frequently than you would imagine.

You may get a few fundamental information regarding the impression that your property makes at least so you can do some rapid repairs to address issues.

When you haven’t gotten an offer directly after or at the open house, it doesn’t mean that you had an unsuccessful event. The prospective buyers could be sending an offer sooner or later. We never know!

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