Listed below are the following complications that can serve as your reasons why you should look for your trusted dentist and get a wisdom tooth extraction before it can affect your general and oral health.? 


Greater Possibility of Decaying 

Even though wisdom teeth properly grow in, the location makes them more difficult to maintain. Wisdom teeth are just prone to issues and decay just like the rest of your teeth. Usually, those that appear over the gum surface can be removed at a dental office just like how any other tooth removal is done. Normally, an oral surgeon handles impacted teeth cases.?? 

Pain and swelling? 

Wisdom teeth that are impacted or starting to rupture can be spotted if you experience pain and swelling in the back of the jaw. Fortunately, the direction and extent of growth can be determined by a simple set of X-rays.? 

Impacted Wisdom Tooth 

If you have impacted teeth, they are usually stuck beneath your gum line. Keep in mind that having impacted wisdom teeth can be extremely painful and could be susceptible to infection and abscess. The impaction can lead to resorption and decay of healthy teeth.? 

Sometimes, when wisdom teeth are not properly monitored, their development could move parallel to the jawline. Moreover, they can move backward and end up interfering with the closing and opening of your jaw.? 


A lot of patients have smaller jaws and mouths, which don’t allow space for the third molars to properly grow. Once these teeth erupt, overcrowding could happen. In this case, your teeth will start to overlap or shift each other. Erupted wisdom teeth that happened after orthodontic care is finished can negate the work performed because of shifting teeth.? 

Other potential complications in your oral health: 

  • Cleaning partially erupted wisdom teeth is hard to clean properly. An accumulation of dental plaque and food particles can lead to gum infection surrounding the tooth. When you allow it to be left untreated, bone destruction could happen next.? 
  • Pain is the most typical complaint linked to wisdom teeth. Usually, pain means that infection is present. You may feel soreness or pain in your throat, ear, jaw, at the site of the wisdom tooth, as well as the side of your face.? 
  • Once wisdom teeth get stuck within the bone and soft tissue and do not have sufficient room to develop, that means that they are impacted. Impacted teeth can happen in the lower or upper jaw and are commonly treated with the extraction of wisdom teeth.? 
  • Spreading of bacteria because of infected wisdom teeth could happen all over your body. As a result, it can affect your overall health and your organ system. This is particularly hazardous for people who have a frail immune system.? 
  • Wisdom teeth are susceptible to decay due to where they are placed in the back of the mouth.? 

Should you have other concerns that you want to be discussed in your next visit to this site, make sure not to think twice to contact the dental experts today.?